FREE Shortcut to Spanish Audio Lesson 1

This lesson demonstrates the Audio Accelerator. It's a Spanish Shortcut that makes it possible for anyone to speak the language...even if you've tried it before, think you're too old, or you find the grammar confusing.

If you are still finding your way with Spanish, this is how you can quickly go from zero to communicating in the shortest possible time.

You won't find any boring analysis, verb conjugation charts or grammatical studies. Instead, there's just Spanish you can use
right away.

You'll use the first 4 categories of Instant Spanish words. (There are 31 categories in Shortcut to Spanish.)

Right Click" on the link below and click save target as to begin Speaking Spanish now.

Is there a difference between the instant download version and the delivered to your door version?

Both versions are exactly the same. The only difference is in the delivery method.

The home delivery version includes the audio on CDs and a printed guide that makes it as easy as pie to start communicating in Spanish. Then, once you add the audio your Spanish really starts to take off. Best of all, the audio is an exciting and enjoyable part of the course. You'll find it thrilling to speak more and more Spanish with every lesson. Order the home delivery version now.

The download version gives you access to our member's site where you can access all the same lessons. You get all 31 Shortcut to Spanish audio lessons, plus the step-by-step guidebook to learning Spanish fast.

Just download the audio and guidebook to your computer and you're ready to start speaking Spanish. If you prefer learning away from your computer you can burn the lesson onto CD or transfer them to a portable device like an MP3 player or iPod. That way, you can learn Spanish while you drive, walk or in any comfortable place where you feel comfortable. Get started right away with the instant download version.


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