Guidebook to Learning Spanish Fast - The action guide to "Shortcut to Spanish" takes you by the hand and leads you step-by-step from zero Spanish to real communication in 31 days or less.
Audio for Clear Spanish Speaking - 31 audio lessons (equal to 3 CDs), guide you to use all the patterns of instant Spanish words and the most frequently used Spanish words. Play the lessons on your computer, download them to your iPod or MP3 payer, or burn them onto CD for use in your car. Practice speaking Spanish clearly in real sentences that´ll be understood wherever you go in the Spanish-speaking world.
132 Printable Flashcards - Important frequently used Spanish words each with it´s own mnemonic to make sure you always remember the Spanish you learn.
90 Day Email Support - I´ll answer any question related to the course, it´s like having your own personal Spanish coach.
New Interactive Audio-Visual Lessons - The 31 videos in this breakthrough format give you visual clues that make speaking Spanish doable for everyone at every age. Now you can bust through any barriers that have stopped you in the past and finally enjoy the world as a Spanish speaking person.
EXTRA COURSE - Shortcut to Informal Spanish Conversations Course – Audio Visual
The 17 interactive videos: This course takes you step by E-A-S-Y step to speaking real informal Spanish. You will use the same Spanish that native speakers use with their friends, with children and in relaxed, casual social situations.
Shortcut to Informal Spanish Conversations Course –Audio
You also get access to the Shortcut to Spanish Conversations Course in audio format. You can play the audio in the background while you drive, walk or exercise. It’s a great way to turn chore time into fun time. You’ll start speaking Spanish with the audio so you are ready for a friendly chat the next time you see your amigos.
If you're at all undecided about Shortcut to Spanish, just give it a try. You are protected by my full money back guarantee any time within the next 60 days. If you don't agree that Shortcut to Spanish is the quickest and easiest way to start speaking Spanish, even for a brand new beginner, then simply contact me and ask for your full refund.